Dear English users

First of all, I've never seen you

but it's my pleasure to say

to you something,

especially in English.

I wonder if I use Japanize and Japanese English,

because I am a Japanese man.

I would like to recommend you something.


Mt.Fuji is beautiful to see from

"the lake of Kawaguchi",

and from" Misaka Mitu touge"mountain pass,

and also from anyplace around Mt.Fuji.

The shape line is very beautiful.

Mt.Fuji is about 3,770 meters high.

(about 12,300 feet high)

I have climbed the top of it twice.

If you try to climb the top, you had better

bring your clothing that guard you against the cold wind,

and use two days, unless you are a superman or a superwoman.

Because the down slope

from the top is dangerous sometimes.

And, you have to return home safe and sound.

You should control yourself.

Once I had to return in the middle of the way

with my children because of some reason.

I believe it was the best choice for us.

"Nobody knows what is in store for us."

That's life!

I hope you'll have a safety plan when you try it.

Of course, only summer season.

And, I should say one thing.

Mt.Fuji is a volcano.

Please keep it in your mind.

I like to see Mt.Fuji.

All seasons, it is beautiful.

From anyplace around it.

View from Sizuoka pref. Click here.


Kyoto city is an interesting town.

It is also the traditional town.

There are more than 1,000 temples there.

Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan for

more than 1,000 years long.

It used to be called"Heian-kyo"乮暯埨嫗乯.

(The meaning of Chinese character is" the peaceful capital".)

If you visit Kyoto, you will be able to have

first-feeling of ancient Japan there.

The atmosphere of that area is elegant and quiet.


Hiroshima & Nagasaki

I have heard many things


World War 嘦 tragedy

of all over the world.

I cannot say many words

about these two cities.

I have heard and watched

many things about Nagasaki on TV.

I have been to Hiroshima once in my youth.

I was shocked.

I looked at many pictures,

things and places.

I did not have any words.

It was too hard to say easily.

Hiroshima has a slogan "No more Hiroshima".

Nagasaki also says "No more Nagasaki".

The two cities have been

appealing strongly that they hope

for world peace without nuclear weapons.

If you have a chance to go

to Hiroshima or Nagasaki,

I hope you will see

the memorial things.

"Seeing is believing." (with your eyes)

Or, at your city or town library,

you will be able to see some books on Hirosima

or Nagasaki with many pictures.

Although it is hard for everyone to see them,

I hope you will look at them.

I hope these experiences of the two cities

will never be forgotten

by all people in the world.

I believe that everyone hopes

for world peace. We all live on one earth.

I would like you to think about that, please.

'Verbena' Kawaguchiko town camera: Minolta SR_1